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About Gas Injection Worldwide

Gas Injection Worldwide Ltd (GIWW), a former division of Gas Injection HK Co Ltd (GIHK), began trading as an independent UK company on 1st August 2007. The firm has exclusive rights to market GIHK products outside China and operates a network of distributors, agents and technical customer support services. Select our latest Newsletter here and read more about the launch of Gas Injection Worldwide Ltd.

Benefits offered by GIWW

GIWW is able to offer its customers a competitively priced and comprehensive range of products. In addition to this customers can also benefit from the in depth knowledge and years of experience we have in supporting Gas Assisted Molding (GAM) processes across the major market sectors. GIWW is able to offer its customers an unrivalled range of technical services which include the following:

♦  Localised customer support services
♦  Design consultancy for both molds (tools) and plastic parts

♦  Mold trials for small, medium and large installations
♦  Plastic Flow Analysis using specialist Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software
♦  Gas Flow Simulation using CAE software
♦  End to end Technical Support for the Gas Assisted Molding process

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