Gas Injection Worldwide Customer Services

In addition to the competitively priced and comprehensive range of products offered by GIWW, customers can also benefit from the in depth knowledge and years of experience acquired when supporting GAM processes across the major market sectors. GIWW is able to offer its customers and unrivalled range of technical services which include the following:

  ♦ Localised customer support services from worldwide trained agents and access to GIWW     engineers

  ♦ Pre-sales advice and consultancy on applications of GAM and including, when required,     Product Assessment Reports with CAE flow analysis

  ♦ Assisting customers in the procurement of mold tools from highly qualified tool makers at     competitive prices and lead times with the added advantage of GIWW expertise in GAM

  ♦ Installation and training in use of equipment and GAM processes

  ♦ Plastic Flow Analysis & GAS Flow Simulation using Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)     software

  ♦ Maintenance & Servicing of equipment when required

  ♦ Mold trials for small, medium and large installations

  ♦ After-sales support and advice on new projects to assist customers in applying GAM     technology

  ♦ After-sales customer updates advising of the latest GAM developments