Automotive - Fastest growing sector for Gas Assisted Molding

Internal car grab handles

Internal grab and door handles

Customer Objectives: Hollow sections with weight and time cycle reductions in polypropylene or ABS

Other Benefits: No sink marks on grained surface finishes, use of multi impression molds

car external door handle

External Door Handles

Customer Objectives: Use of engineering materials e.g. glass filled nylon with requiremed mechanical strength to replace die-castings, suitable for chrome plating i.e. no sink marks and reduced costs

Other Benefits: Increased scope for designers, user friendly and with good feel

car internal door panel

Internal Door Panels

Customer Objectives: To include thick and thin sections around the door pockets, an all-in-one design with reduced costs

Other Benefits: No distortion, lower in mold pressures and therefore suitable for smaller machines

Car external mirror housing

 Mirror Housings

Customer Objectives: Combines thick and thin sections to permit sculptured design with a blemish free outer surface, ABS and others

Other Benefits: Easy to mold, faster time cycles and reduced weights