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Gas Injection Worldwide Ltd - for a world of moulding applications

Gas Injection WorldWide Ltd offers customers across the world the complete range of gas injection equipment including Gas Pressure Controllers, High Pressure Compressor Systems, Nitrogen Generators and a comprehensive range of accessories.

Break through innovation - Rapid Temperature Cycling (RTC™) - GIWW has over the last 3 years developed and is now able to offer a complete range of Rapid Temperatuire Cycling (RTC) equipment and technology. RTC is a new generation of injection moulding technology which results in unbelievable improvements in product finish including elimination of visible weld lines, flow lines, splay marks, lower in-mould pressures and longer flow paths all with reduced moulded in stress. 

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Plastic component moulded conventionally and also with RTC™ - DOWNLOAD OUR BROCHURE HERE

GIWW systems have been installed at more than 500 companies across all of the major industrial sectors including automotive, TV, computing and domestic appliances. Customers will therefore benefit from a tried and tested range of equipment, cost effective assembly and a comprehensive range of Customer Services.

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The company has developed a range of products that have proved to be robust & reliable whilst at the same time, versatile & flexible in operation. Systems that have been designed for small, medium and large projects and offer investment cost savings. All GIWW equipment has been developed using the most advanced and reliable components including European valves and compressors and electronics from the USA.