GI Molds

GI Molds is a division of Gas Injection H.K. Company Limited and is dedicated to assisting molders and end users in procuring high quality molds, at competitive prices and with short lead times.

GI Molds has developed long term relationships with toolmakers which have proven track records in the successful design, manufacture and trialing of molds with emphasis on gas assisted molding but also including conventional injection molding.

GI Molds Service includes...

    • submitting basic proposals and quotations based on customers'enquiry
    • advice on design of products and molds, particularly of gas assisted molding using and benefiting from   GI's extensive experience
    • design of the molds, including CAE flow analysis of plastic and simulation of gas penetration when necessary
    • manufacture of molds using state of worldwide art, CNC matching technologies and steel specifications   suitable for each product
    • mold trials, final mold finishing and further trails over a relatively short period of time
    • final trials with samples for apporval by customer and if required initial production of, for example, the first 5,000 moldings before despatch of the mold, when requested supervised by the customer representatives

Special Expertise and Experience includes the design and development of molds for:

    • Television and cumputer cabinets
    • automotive door handles, internal grab handles with grain finishes, mirror enclosures, inner door panels, rear door surrounds, centre consuls, IPs and bumper fascias
    • domestic appliance moldings including washing machine front panels, refrigerator handles, air-conditioning cabinets and vacuum cleaner components
    • furniture, toy and other domestic products

Toolmaking Facilities

A principle mold maker working in collaboration with GI Molds.

    •  Was established in 1975 in Hong Kong and now includes a factory area in China of 24,000 sq metres. In 2005 it achieved a turnover of $15 million producing over 450 mold units and employing a staff of over 500 housed in local hostels enabling a 24hr factory operation
    •  Is accredited with ISO 9001:1200
    •  A mold design office with 80 skilled tool designers operating CAD/CAM/CAE mold design and machining systems
    •  Mold trial facilities with 14 machines up to 2,000 tonne clamp force and including gas assisted molding equipment

Quality control - includes 3D co-ordinate measuring and surface testing equipment.

Latest Tool Technologies

Recently licensed to manufacture 'steam heat' molds to produce a high gloss surface without weld lines.

Other toolmakers with specialist industry experience may also be selected for specific requirements.