Raymond Foad to Lead GIHK Worldwide Expansion

Image of Raymond FoadGas Injection (HK) Co Ltd has appointed Raymond Foad as its new sales director. The former market manager Europe for Cinpres Gas Injection Ltd, will lead a GIHK worldwide expansion.

GIHK has grown in ten years to be the largest supplier of gas assisted molding (GAM) equipment in Asia. The company's strength comes from the Chinese TV and more recently the LCD TV industry where this year alone over 25m cabinets will be manufactured using GIHK equipment.

To retain its market leading position in Asia, GIHK has developed a new range of gas controllers, nitrogen gas generators, compressor systems and related accessories. Now, with Foad on board, it plans to expand its services and products to molders across the world and become international leader.

Raymond Foad said "I very much look forward to this appointment as a great opportunity to further develop the market for GAM worldwide. the process is now well established technically. However the uptake by the global molding industry is still relatively slow, partly due to the 'perceived' high cost of investing in the process."

"I have been very impressed with the capability and track record of GIHK and am convinced GIHK is best positioned to offer competitive but well engineered equipment to the global injection molding industry to improve the viability of many existing and new GAM applications"

GIHK managing director William Yung said "We are delighted Raymond Foad has joined GIHK to lead our worldwide expansion. His extensive technical and market experience will be crucial to the success of our global ambition"

Foad joined Cinpres in 1985 and greatly contributed to the understanding and development of gas assisted molding worldwide. He became European and Asian sales manager with responsibility for developing a network of distributors and agents to sell the technology on a worldwide basis in 1995.

Foad is a well known contributor of technical papers on the technology at international conferences, seminars and exhibitions. He has been responsible for the development of several new applications for the technology which are now in common use. In his new post he will be based in Mastericht, Netherlands.