A UK First At PDM For Rapid Temperature Cycling (RTC™) From GIWW

Gas Injection Worldwide (GIWW) will be showing control equipment and moulded examples of Rapid Temperature Cycling (RTC™) for the first time in the UK at the Plastics Design and Moulding Event 2008.

RTC is achieving spectacular benefits of improved surface finish including high gloss and elimination of weld and flow lines.  Filled materials can be moulded with resin rich surfaces of unfilled material quality.  In mould pressures are reduced and flow paths extended. Paint finishing can often become unnecessary.

Raymond Foad, sales director of GIWW Limited, says “RTC is possibly the most exciting development in the basic injection moulding process over the last twenty years and positions GIWW Limited as the UK market leader in the technology. We are now able to offer our customers not only world class Gas Assisted Moulding equipment, but with the development of RTC™ technology a new process that enables UK moulders, for the first time, to produce high gloss weld line free parts straight from the mould tool.”  

GIWW is offering four alternative temperature cycling methods – the original steam and water; induction heating and water cooling; pressurised hot and cold water; or oil for exceptionally high temperature requirements.

The RTC version of temperature cycling of moulds has been developed in the UK in collaboration with GIWW’s associated company Oxford Moulding Technology Limited (OMT) which has benefited from technology contributions from the Universities of Oxford and Swansea.