GIWW Granted Rights to GAIN Patents

As one of a series of technology transfer and equipment supply deals between Gas Injection Worldwide Limited and GAIN Technologies, GIWW has acquired exclusive rights outside USA and Japan to use, sub-license, and enforce all currently viable patents owned by or licensed to GAIN Technologies – the GAIN PATENTS – all related to injection moulding.

Most importantly are Patents US 5204051, US 5423667, EPO 393315B2 and JP 2510754 with the inventor’s name Christoph Jaroschek.  These Patents are owned by Ferromatik Milacron Desma GmbH but in May 2003 Ferromatik granted GAIN sole rights to use, sub-license and enforce the Jaroschek Patents worldwide.  By earlier agreement with GAIN, Maximator in Germany and Ferromatik may non-exclusively grant sub-licenses to their customers.

They teach methods of completely filling a mould cavity with plastic and then injecting gas to displace still molten plastic into secondary outflow cavities through connecting channels in which there are stop valves to control timing of the plastic displacement.  The Jaroschek Patents pre-date any known alternative Patents claiming similar plastic outflow methods.  Also covered is a method of displacing plastic back into the moulding machine cylinder when injecting gas into the mould.

Graphic illustration of the third stage of the Jaroschek Patents is shown in Figure 1 below.  The POP Chair (Figure 2 below) moulded by Petford Tools Limited, West Midlands UK, for Origin Furniture Limited is an excellent example of The Jaroschek Displacement Process.  When operated correctly, if required under guidance from GIWW, Jaroschek ensures optimised consistent weight reduction and sink and blemish free surface quality.

“This will be good news for GIWW customers, eliminating uncertainty on the need for licenses from third parties” explained Terry Pearson, Chairman of GIWW Limited.  “Customers for GIWW gas pressure controllers will be offered licenses covering the full range of GAIN Patents or only covering, the Jaroschek Patents at relatively low once only License Fees.  Users of other gas controllers are offered ‘Patent Only Licenses’.  Existing licensees of other methods should consider taking GIWW/GAIN Patent licenses to avoid infringement, particularly of Jaroschek.  Previous use of Jaroschek methods during the life of the patents must be acknowledged to avoid the possibility of retrospective infringement”.  Moulders should be aware of national laws covering mouldings made with the same process in countries not covered by a Jaroschek Patent but imported into countries in which patents have been granted, in particular Europe and the USA.

GIWW continues to offer moulders a comprehensive package of customer services, including product design, consultancy, procurement of tooling, training and supervision of mould trials.  GIWW equipment includes nitrogen generation, high pressure world leading compressor systems and a versatile range of gas pressure controllers.

Lists of GAIN Patents and copies of specified patent claims will be provided on request.

Figure 1 The Jaroschek Displacement Process Stage 3
The Third Stage of The Jaroschek Displacement Process by first completely filling the mould cavity with plastic and then displacing molten plastic into side cavities by the injection of gas.

Figure 2 POP Chair by Origin Furniture
POP Chair designed and marketed by Origin Furniture Limited for the European education and contract markets, is moulded by The Jaroschek Displacement Process by Petford Tools Limited in the West Midlands.