GIWW launches range of Steam Generation Systems

Since its commercial launch in 2007 Gas Injection Worldwide Ltd has experienced considerable success in the global Consumer Electronics industry with its Rapid Temperature Cycling (RTC™) technology for the production of high gloss weldline free LCD / Plasma TV bezels.

Television factories typically run multi-machine installations which require large oil or gas fired boiler systems to provide the high pressure steam required for the RTC™ SWC (steam / water controllers).

GIWW has now introduced its new electric Dedicated Steam Generation (DSG) system with the aim of bringing the technology to the SME moulder and opening up the number of applicaitons for which the process can be used, specifically in the Automotive Industry.

Based up on tried and tested technology thiis electric boiler system is designed to be placed next to the RTC™ SWC controller and injection moulding machine thus eliminating the need for a seperate boiler house and long insulted steam lines.

Five standard models are available ranging in size from 72KW to 300KW with the ability to provide steam at up to 10BarG pressure (180 Celcius) for between one to three RTC™ SWC controllers / Injection Moulding Machines.

Technical Director Ken Crow states 'with the introduction of the DSG system Rapid Temerature Cycling technology is now much more user friendly for the SME moulder with regard to initial investment costs, ease of installation, flexibility and energy efficiency'.