Overspill patent expires

London, England 7th February 2010 heralded a landmark for injection moulders wishing to use what is commonly referred to as the “overspill” process, an important method of producing Gas Assisted Mouldings for the Automotive and other industries.

EP 0393315 (Known as the Jaroschek Patent) expired on February 7th 2010 twenty years after its filing date.

This patent was invented by Mr Christopher Jaroschek and owned by Ferromatik Milacron who subsequently granted GAIN Technologies in the USA rights to sub license the patent to third parties.

Under an agreement signed in July 2008 between GAIN Technologies and Gas Injection Worldwide, GIWW acquired the rights to sub license this patent to its customers around the world. With the expiration of the “Jaroschek” patent GIWW will no longer require its customers to purchase a license to use the process taught in the patent.

Raymond Foad, Sales Director at GIWW Limited stated “This is great news for injection moulders, finally the “overspill” process is now in the public domain. We were more than happy to offer a Jaroschek “overspill” license to customers who felt threatened by the “bullying tactics” of some of our competitors, but now that this patent has expired, anyone can use this “overspill” process free of charge.”

Foad says “although other “overspill” patents have been granted over the years, the Jaroschek Patent pre-dated all of those that are still in existence.” Foad further states “the teachings of the Jaroschek Patent are very specific requiring the mould tool cavity to be “completely filled” prior to gas injection taking place and the “overspill” being opened. This is the process that is predominately used by moulders wishing to optimise the “overspill” technique, to produce parts with the least amount of sink marks and the optimal gas core out”.

GIWW Limited believes that the ending of the Jaroschek (overspill) Patent will encourage many more moulders to think about using GAM Technology now that the fear of litigation from other players in the field has expired.