Chinese Plastics Industry Award for GIHK

Image of the GIHK award for contributions to the Chinese plastics industryGas Injection HK Co Ltd has received a prestiguous award for making 1 of 20 "outstanding contributions" to the Chinese plastics industry over the last 10 years.

GIHK was founded in 1995 by its current Managing Director, William Yung, and is recognised as a leader in the introduction of Gas Assisted Molding technology and equipment to Chinese molders.

William Yung said "I am very pleased we have been rewarded for our hard work in helping Chinese plastics manufacturers to benefit from this important worldwide technology."

Initially, gas assisted molding was shown to improve the quality, reduce costs and enable design improvements for television cabinets. In 2006 over 30 million front and rear television cabinet moldings will be manufactured using equipment supplied by GIHK.

Today most LCD TV and computer monitors are benefiting from the use of GAM, however, the fastest growing application areas for the technology are the automotive and domestic appliance and white goods industries. Many internal and external automotive door handles are designed for the process as are most refrigerator handles.

Manufacturers of washing machines, air conditioning units, vacuum cleaners and other domestic appliances are also introducing GAM to reduce costs and improve quality and increase design freedom.