GIWW Newsletter Issue 1

GIWW are pleased to be able to announce to its customers the release of the first of a regular series of Newsletters.

Future Newsletters will contain information on the company, additions to our product range, advancements in assisted molding techniques as well as interesting articles effecting the plastics industry in general.

The Issue 1 of the Newsletter contains the following articles:

- GIWW Launch
- GIHK Industry Award
- Appointments of Raymond Foad and Ken Crow
- The launch of GI Molds
- Additions to the HPCOM, HPCOM T and SPN ranges of equipment
- The Sauer exclusivity deal
- A number of general articles that readers should find of interest 

The Newsletter is available to download from this site by clicking the link below.

Click here to download GIWW Newsletter Issue 1