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Gas Injection Worldwide's range of gas controllers consists of either a single circuit (GPC FX-1) or a dual circuit (GPC FX-2). The single valve system (GPC FX-1) is housed together with its PLC controller in a comparatively small enclosure.

The valve is operated from a convenient portable handset, which includes a 192 x 64 pixels LCD display for setting and monitoring of gas pressure / time conditions.

The electro-magnetic control valve is based on a robust advanced design of German manufacture.

The GPC FX system is ideal for molders running a single injection molding machine from a bottled Nitrogen supply or for multi-machine installations from a central high pressure Nitrogen supply.

See also the GPC FX-2 which consists of 2 valves both independently controlled.

Features and Benefits

The GPX FX range of controllers are designed to be space saving being very compact and having a small footprint.

The system is easy to operate from a portable handset which has an LCD display.

This is a versatile controller allowing the control valves to be located near to the mold and therefore minimising the length of high pressure connecting pipes and subsequently gas usage.

This is a low investment cost unit which is scaleable upto 2 control valves by the addition of a Gas Control Module - see GPC FX-2.

The system is flexible and can be used with Nitrogen gas bottles and Gas Pressure Booster system - see GB A5.


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