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HPCOM21, 32 or 60



Following extensive bench mark testing and comparison, GIWW selected German Sauer compressors for its HPCOM series.

The compressors are all 4 stage air cooled electric driven high pressure reciprocating piston type. They have directly coupled motors (i.e. no belt drive) and are engineered for long life under continuous production conditions. Oil carry over is very low and service intervals are 2,000hrs.

The HPCOM series comes in 3 models HPCOM21, 32 and 60 and has output flow rates between 350 and 1,000 NL/min at pressures upto 350 BarG. The compressors are housed in steel cabinets for optimal cooling air flow and low noise emissions.

The units can be suppled in either single or duplex configuration. Duplex systems enable the second compressor to be used as a standby or to provide increased output. See the Product Data Sheet for more detail.

Features and Benefits

Robust - engineered for consistent operation under production conditions.

Reliable - long intervals between services (2,000 hrs).

Efficient - low oil consumption and noise emissions.

Competitive investment when related to the higher nitrogen outputs and the lower maintenance costs.

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impage of outside hpcom


inside view hpcom 

Inside view of HPCOM