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The SPN series of low pressure Nitrogen generators is based on the Pressure Swing Adsorption "PSA" method of extracting oxygen from a compressed air supply to leave nitrogen of the desired purity. Compressed air at 7 BarG is passed through molecular carbon sieves which "adsord" the oxygen. The air supply alternates between two molecular carbon sieves at a cycle time of 1.5 minutes. the sieve not in use is "re-generated" for subsequent use in the next cycle.

The alternating gas adsorption system extends the life of the carbon to many years providing it is not contaminated with either oil or water from the compressed air supply. Water contamination is prevented by the use of a high quality filtration system.

Gas Injection Worldwide SPN generators are capable of Nitrgoen purities as high as 99.99%. However, for most gas assisted molding applications 98% is sufficient with consequent increased output flow rates.

Gas Injection Worldwide selected the PSA system as opposed to the "membrane" system for its SPN series of Nitrogen generators due to its apparent increased robustness, higher purity levels and longer life.


Features and Benefits

Versatile with a wide range of selectable purity levels and output capacities.

Flexibility - variable output flow rates and capacities & Nitrogen purities.

Space saving - the SPN series is housed in tall space saving cabinets with minimal use of floor space.

Competitive investment in relation to life expectancy and purity/output levels.



SPN Series Nitrogen Generator



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