HOC logo RTC™ Hot Water Heating / Cold Water Cooling                                                 
Water can be heated efficiently and relatively safely to 160°C providing that a pressure of not less than 10bar can be maintianed to prevent vaporisation of water to steam..

After the mould plate surface has been heated to the process temperature and plastic has been injected in to the mould, the flow of water is switched from hot to chilled water at the same pressure to cool the mould plate and plastic before mould opening and ejection of the product.

Hot Water controller Hot Water is an effective process when:
A mould temperature of up to 150°C is sufficient.
The mould & circuit piping are designed / specified for higher water pressures.
The thermal mass can be cycled within an acceptable time cycle, this may be up to 50% more than for steam.
Any necessary water treatments are used to prevent corrosion / scaling.
It is inadvisable to use hot water in equipment designed for hot oil and vice versa.

The HWC controller is available with heating capacities in the range 18 - 96kW and required cooling capacity is from 36kW.


Hot Water Heating block schematic