SHC logo RTC™ Steam Heating / Cold Water Cooling                                                 
The SHC Controllers lies at the heart of the RTC™ process. It controls the flow of steam, water and compressed air in to the mould. A simple to operate control panel allows timings to be set and monitored in real time. The SHC includes the following features:

Controlled steam delivery temperature by regulating steam pressure.
SWC controller Water delivery control assissted by an installed water pump.
Control of compressed air to expel steam and condensate after the heating cycle.
Control of compressed air to expel water after the colling cycle.
Optional inclusion of a vacuum air pump to evacuate the mould cavity.
Each stage of the steam / water cycle is PLC controlled and timed.
User friendly graphical interface with touch screen control.
Available in 3 steam output capacities.
Mobile on castors and can be easily moved from one machine to another.
Optional handheld controller for easy remote operation from the control console.


SWC block schematic