Teletronic - a well established industry for Gas Assisted Molding

 image of plasma tv screen

TV Cabinet and Computer Monitor

Customer Objectives: High quality finishes, large moldings with reduced in-mold pressures and therefore use of smaller machines, use of HIPS with high quality finishes

Other Benefits: Use of thicker gas channels as plastic flow leaders to assist flow of plastic from centre feeds

 image of plasma TV base

TV Bases

Customer Objectives: Perfect blemish free and sink free surfaces for paint finishing - rigidity for load bearing when supporting TV cabinet

Other Benefits: Reduced finishing costs sometimes with no or minimal paint finishing

 image of computer mouse

Computer Mouse - cover and base

Customer Objectives: No distortion on base and cover moldings, sculptured thick and thin sections

Other Benefits: Reduced costs and weights, use of multi impression molds

 image of computer printer

Printer Cover

Customer Objectives: Production of large intricate moldings with good surface finish and other design features

Other Benefits: Reduced time cycle and reduced molding weight