White Goods - always looking for cost savings 

 image of air conditioning cover

Air Conditioning Covers

Customer Objectives: A good durable surface finish with high gloss and freedom from distortion, molding larger areas on smaller capacity machines

Other Benefits: Use of lower cost materials e.g. polypropolene and HIPS suitable for front finishing etc

 image of front of washing machine

Washing Machine Front Panel

Customer Objectives: Blemish free surface finish with high gloss and suitable for over printing, moldings to be rigid

Other Benefits: Lower time cycles and increasing scope for design

 image of Rrfrigerator handles

Refrigerator Door Handles

Customer Objectives: High quality surface suitable for chrome plating and reduced costs of hollow molding

Other Benefits: Increasing scope for stylish design and reduced processing costs

 image of various over handles

Oven Handles

Customer Objectives: Use of engineering plastic materials in hollow sections as an alternative to die-casting

Other Benefits: Weight reductions and opportunity to reduce processing costs