Why Gas Assisted Molding?

Developed in the early 1980's Gas Assisted Molding (GAM) has revolutionised the design and manufacture of plastic molded products. The process is now firmly established as an essential component of the global injection molding industry.

The process is used across a wide range of market sectors including automotive, TV, computing, mobile phone and domestic appliances because it gives the component designer greater freedomw, the molder lower investment costs and more control over the quality of the finished part and most importantly it provides the end user significant cost savings.

Design Freedom

    1. Functional integration of multiple plastic parts into a single assembly
    2. Ability to combine thick and thin wall sections in the same part
    3. Improved rigidity using hollow "box beam" sections

Improved Part Quality

    1. Reduced warpage and distortion due to less differential shrinkage
    2. Elimination of sink marks
    3. Less flow marks and weld lines due to the need for fewer injection points

Reduced Manufacturing Costs

    1. Lower overall weight of the finished part due to reduced wall sections
    2. Shorter cycle times due to smaller wall sections and shorter cooling times
    3. Less energy costs due to lower mold clamp force and plastic packing
    4. Reduced assembly costs due to part integration

Lower Investment Costs

    1. Smaller mold clamp force due to lower injection pressures and therefore smaller injection molding machines
    2. Reduced tooling costs due lower injection pressures
    3. Lower maintenance costs due to less wear and tear on the molds from lower injection pressures